Science-Based Shoulder Pain Solutions

My process was meticulously designed to assess & treat a wide range of shoulder pains, aches & injuries:

✓ Poor Posture

✓ Rounded Shoulders

✓ Labrum Injuries

✓ Rotator Cuff Injuries

✓ Shoulder Instability

✓ Shoulder Impingement

✓ Shoulder Bursitis

✓ Shoulder Sprains

✓ Sports Related Injuries

✓ Pickleball Injuries

✓ Tennis Injuries

...beginning with a 1-on-1 virtual assessment to determine the root cause of your problem.

About Dr. Josh Mackey, PT, DPT

Hello, my name is Josh! I struggled with shoulder pain and injuries for many years of my life. As an athlete, I dealt with shoulder pain that prevented me from competing in my favorite sports and activities I loved. As a result, I had 2 shoulder surgeries, 5 injections, and countless hours in the doctor’s office trying to determine the cause of my pain. That is why I founded PowerEDGE PT & Performance – to empower individuals like you to regain control over your life and experience long-lasting shoulder pain relief. Say goodbye to quick fixes and hello to a journey toward a pain-free, resilient you.

See What My Clients Have to Say!

Ever since these workouts, my pain has been almost nonexistent! Same amount of play and training, but no more pain!” - Albert

“Thank you so much, it was great working with you. You helped me get back on the court, understand my body, and the exercises I need to focus on!” - Rodrigo

There’s exercises he had me doing that I had never seen before. He set me up on a program specifically designed for me 100% online!” - Billy

“I had a lower back issue a little while back. With the help of Dr. Mackey, I can say I am back in good health and playing pickleball again!” - Tahuahi

“I would like to thank Josh Mackey for his workouts and his coaching that has helped me improve my game drastically. Whenever I step on the court I feel more strength and less prone to injuries.” - Samarth

“Dr. Josh is very good at what he does. I lost 6 pounds in 2 weeks!” - Chris

"I had been living with shoulder pain and reduced mobility over the past few years since my torn labrum injury. Dr. Josh helped me eliminate the pain and regain mobility in my shoulder. This not only made my day-to-day life better, but also allowed me to get back to golfing without pain (and adding 15 yards to my drives due to my increased mobility). I would highly recommend Dr. Josh. He took the time to help me understand the sources of my pain, and developed a plan to get me back to performing at my highest potential." - Kedrick

"Dr. Josh did a great job listening to me and helping me reach my goals. I struggled with chronic shoulder pain and popping in my shoulder during overhead activities. Dr. Josh gave me some great exercises and took the time to teach me each correctly" - Sarah

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